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Snyder Lab: Publications


  • Davis JC, Daw NC, Navid F, Billups CA, Wu J, Bahrami A, Jenkins JJ, Snyder SE, Reddick WE, Santana VM, McCarville E, Guo J, Shulkin BL. FDG Uptake During Early Adjuvant Chemotherapy Predicts Histologic Response in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients with Osteosarcoma. J Nucl Med, 59:25-30, 2018. PMID:28611244

  • Kwizera EA, O’Connor R, Vinduska V, Williams M, Butch ER, Snyder SE, Chen X, Huang X. Molecular Detection and Analysis of Exosomes Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Gold Nanorods and a Miniaturized Device. Theranostics, 8:2722-36, 2018.


  • Kaste SC, Snyder SE, Metzger ML, Sandlund JT, Howard SC, Krasin M, Shulkin BL. Comparison of 11C-methionine and 18F-FDG PET-CT for staging and follow-up of pediatric lymphoma. J Nucl Med, 58:419-424, 2017. PMID:27609791

  • Lucas JT, Serrano N, Kim H, Li X, Snyder SE, Hwang S, Li Y, Hua C-H, Broniscer A, Merchant TE, Shulkin BL. 11C-Methionine positron emission tomography delineates non-contrast enhancing tumor regions at high risk for recurrence in pediatric high-grade glioma. J Neuro-Onc, 132(1):163-170, 2017. PMID:28078638

  • Linstad EJ, Vāvere AL, Hu B, Kempinger JJ, Snyder SE, DiMagno SG. Thermolysis and Radiofluorination of Diaryliodonium Salts Derived from Anilines. Org Biomol Chem, 15:2246-2252, 2017. PMID: 28230886


  • Neumann KD, Qin L, Vavere AL, Shen B, Miao Z, Chin FT, Snyder SE, DiMagno SG. Efficient automated synthesis of high specific activity 6-[18F]fluorodopamine using a diaryliodonium salt precursor. J Labelled
    Compd Radiopharm, 59:30-34, 2016. PMC4715522.

  • Jiao P, Otto M, Geng Q, Li C, Li F, Butch ER, Snyder SE, Zhou H, Yan B. Enhancing both CT imaging and natural killer cell-mediated cancer cell killing by a GD2-targeting nanoconstruct. J Materials Chem B, 4:513-520,
    2016. PMC4830492


  • Ostermeier A, McCarville MB, Navid F, Snyder SE, Shulkin BL. FDG PET/CT imaging of desmoplastic smallround cell tumor: Findings as staging, during treatment and at follow up. Ped Radiol, 45(9):1308-1315, 2015.PMC4529370.

  • Hu* B, Vavere* AL, Neumann KD, DiMagno S, Snyder SE. A practical, automated synthesis of meta-[18F]fluorobenzylguanidine for clinical use. ACS Chem Neurosci, 6(11):1870-1879, 2015. PMC4651823.


  • Stewart E, Goshorn R, Bradley C, Griffiths LM, Benavente C, Twarog NR, Miller GM, Caufield W, Freeman BB 3rd, Bahrami A, Pappo A, Wu J, Loh A, Karlström Å, Calabrese C, Gordon B, Tsurkan L, Hatfield MJ, Potter PM, Snyder SE, Thiagarajan S, Shirinifard A, Sablauer A, Shelat AA, Dyer MA. Targeting the DNA repair pathway in Ewing sarcoma. Cell Reports, 9(3):829-841, 2014. PMC4386669.


  • Laser BS, Merchant TE, Indelicato DJ, Hua C-H, Shulkin BL, Snyder SE. Evaluation of children with craniopharyngioma using carbon-11 methionine PET prior to proton therapy. Neuro-Oncology, 15(4):506-510, 2013. PMC3607263

  • Harris SM, Davis JC, Snyder SE, Butch ER, Vāvere AL, Kocak M, Shulkin BL. Evaluation of the Biodistribution of [11C]Methionine in Children and Young Adults. J Nucl Med, 54:1902-1908, 2013. PMC3924715.


  • Vavere AL, Butch ER, Dearling JL, Packard, AB, Navid F, Shulkin BL, Barfield RC,Snyder SE. 64Cu-p-NH2-Bn-DOTA-hu14.18K322A, a PET radiotracer targeting neuroblastoma and melanoma. J Nucl Med 53(11):1772-1778, 2012.

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  • Gao N, Zhang Q, Mu Q, Bai Y, Li L, Zhou H, Butch ER, Powell TB,Snyder SE, Jiang G, Yan B. Steering carbon nanotubes to scavenger receptor recognition by nanotube surface chemistry modification partially alleviates NFκB activation and reduces its immunotoxicity. ACS Nano 5:4581-4591, 2011.

  • Jiao P, Zhou H, Otto M, Mu Q, Li L, Su G, Zhang Y, Butch E, Snyder S, Jiang G, Yan B. Leading neuroblastoma cells to die by multiple premeditated attacks from a multifunctionalized nanoconstruct. J Am Chem Soc 133:13918-21, 2011.


  • Bai Y, Zhang Y, Zhang J, Mu Q, Zhang W, Butch ER, Snyder SE, Yan B. Repeated carbon nanotube administrations in male mice cause reversible testis damage without affecting fertility. Nature Nanotechnology (in press), 2010.

  • Loveless VS, Surdock CP, Bhattacharjee H. Evaluation of Zeta-Potential and Particle Size of Technetium99mTc-Sulfur Colloid Subsequent to the Addition of Lidocaine and Sodium Bicarbonate. Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology 38(1): 49-52, 2010.

  • Sorkin LS, Otto M, Baldwin WM 3rd, Vail E, Gillies SD, Handgretinger R, Barfield RC, Ming Yu H, Yu AL. Anti-GD(2) with an FC point mutation reduces complement fixation and decreases antibody-induced allodynia. Pain 149(1): 135-42, 2010.


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