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Shelat Lab: About Us

Welcome to the lab of Anang Shelat, PhD

Anang Shelat and Rachel Nelson

Left to Right: Anang Shelat, Rachel Nelson

Shelat Research Group

Advances in automation and miniaturization technologies in the last decade have enabled unprecedented interrogation of biology at multiple scales – the "omics" revolution. For example, structural genomics offers atomic resolution of the interactions between biological macromolecules and ligands; the cellular inventory of RNA transcripts can be explored via microarrays; and high-throughput sequencing can detect genetic variation in populations. A key challenge for the life sciences will be to resolve how best to integrate these disparate streams of information. The Shelat research group employs techniques from computational chemistry and informatics to learn from the wealth of available biological and chemical data, and then, uses the insights gained to guide the development of novel therapeutics.