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Rivas Lab: Organic Mechanisms Club

Fatima Rivas, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Email: fatima.rivas@stjude.org

Chemists at St. Jude have a passion for understanding chemical reactions in order to predict reactivity, which aids in the design and synthesis of potentially relevant biologically active compounds in pediatric oncology.

The overall goal of the club is to create an educational environment where classical and modern organic reaction mechanisms are discussed.

Single reaction mechanisms and multiple step synthesis are evaluated to ensure the basic principles are covered as well as more complex cascade reaction mechanisms.

Join the club and be part of a growing movement of chemists who are pushing science forward one arrow at the time.

Problem Sets


Occurs every 2 weeks on Tuesday effective 9/6/2011 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in the conference room (E9048).

For further questions please contact Rivas Fatima, Ph.D. at fatima.rivas@stjude.org