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Kriwacki Lab: About Us

Welcome to the lab of Richard W. Kriwacki, PhD

Kriwacki Lab Group

The Kriwacki Lab - Summer, 2019

The Kriwacki lab seeks to understand the role of conformational disorder in protein function. In the mid 1990s, Dr. Kriwacki and others discovered that certain proteins function despite lacking highly populated secondary and tertiary structure, violating the classic protein structure-function paradigm. These and subsequent studies showing that structural disorder is prevalent gave birth to the field of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs). Since these early discoveries, our scientific studies have sought to understand how disorder contributes to protein function and to understand the evolutionary forces that cause disorder to be most prevalent in higher organisms.

We approach our studies from broad perspectives, which involves collaboration with many labs within and beyond St. Jude (at St. Jude: Doug Green, Martine Roussel, Jian Zuo, Anang Shelat, amongst others, and beyond St. Jude: Rohit Pappu, Washington University in St. Louis; Cliff Brangwynne, Princeton University; Ashok Deniz, The Scripps Research Institute; Chris Stanley & Arvind Ramanathan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory).