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Feng Lab: Publications


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  • Feng Y, Rudensky AY. DNA methylation secures CD4+ and CD8+ T cell lineage borders. Nat Immunol 16:681-683, 2015.


  • Feng Y, Arvey A, Chinen T, van der Veeken J, Gasteiger G, Rudensky AY. Control of the inheritance of regulatory T cell identity by a cis element in the Foxp3 locus. Cell 158:749-763, 2014.

  • Arvey A, van der Veeken J, Samstein RM, Feng Y. Stamatoyannopoulos, J.A., and Rudensky, A.Y. Inflammation-induced repression of chromatin bound by the transcription factor Foxp3 in regulatory T cells. Nat Immunol 15:580-587, 2014.


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  • Cho E*, Feng Y*, Rauskolb C, Maitra S, Fehon R, Irvine KD. Delineation of a Fat tumor suppressor pathway. Nat Genet 38:1142-1150, 2006. (*Contributed equally).