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Feng Lab: About Us

Welcome to the lab of Yongqiang (Yong) Feng, PhD

Transcriptional and epigenetic basis of T cell biology

Who are we?

We are a team of immunologists with interdisciplinary research experience in biomedicine. Our goal is to identify and address the most interesting questions in immunology and related fields.

What are we doing?

The Feng lab studies the epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms of T cell differentiation and function. We use T lymphocytes to address fundamental biological and immunological questions for several reasons:

  • T cells are a major component of the adaptive immune system. Their differentiation and activity are exquisitely coordinated with cells in both the adaptive and innate immune systems to precisely control tolerance, immunity, tissue homeostasis and cancer initiation and development.
  • T cells are an excellent model to study cell lineage specification, stability, plasticity and reprogramming.
  • The manipulation of T cell lineage specification, function and target specificity offers huge potential for the treatment of various immunological diseases and cancer.

Why do we focus on epigenetics and transcription?

The epigenetic landscape and transcriptional regulation of gene expression, coordinated at the genome level, is the microscopic basis of the macroscopic behavior of cells in multicellular organisms. Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation are ultimately determined by the interplay between genetic switches, or cis-regulatory elements, and their interacting factors. Studying these relationships offers a unique strategy to explore the regulatory circuits controlling cell differentiation and function.

What methods and technologies do we use?

Using T cells as a model, we are dedicated to understanding the fundamental principles controlling cellular identities and function in physiological and pathological conditions. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to investigate the genetic basis, molecular mechanisms and cellular behavior of T cells in a variety of immunological settings. Our journey starts with the epigenetic regulation of T cell lineage specification and function as well as the molecular basis of T cell stability and plasticity. In addition, we are also adapting emerging technologies and developing novel tools to facilitate our studies of T cell biology.

Open positions

We currently have several open positions in our group. Highly motivated scientists with a variety of relevant backgrounds are welcome to send inquiries about joining this exciting scientific expedition.

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