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ALL Methylation Supplementary Table 6

Summary of gene set enrichment analyses examining enrichment of hypo- and hypermethylated gene sets in gene expression signatures. G1 refers to the specific ALL subtype, G2 to the comparison group

Group comparison (G1 vs G2) Enrichment of G1 hypomethylated gene set in G1 vs. G2 gene signature Enrichment of G1 hypermethylated gene set in G2 vs. G1 gene signature Links to the detailed GSEA Results
CRLF2r vs non-CRLF2r B-ALL No (FDR=0.89) No (FDR 1.0) Download
ETV6-RUNX1 vs non-ETV6-RUNX1 B-ALL Yes (P<0.0001; FDR=0.18) No (FDR 0.85) Download
High hyperdiploid vs non high hyperdiploid B-ALL No (FDR=0.78) No (FDR 0.96) Download
MLLr vs non-MLLr B-ALL No (FDR=0.53) Yes (P<0.0001, FDR 0.0016) Download
ERG B-ALL vs non-ERG B-ALL No (FDR=0.65) Yes (P<0.0001, FDR=0.07) Download
BCR-ABL1 B-ALL vs non-BCR-ABL1 B-ALL Yes (P<0.0001, FDR=0.0064) No (FDR 0.87) Download
TCF3-PBX1 vs non-TCF3-PBX1 B-ALL Yes (P=0.003, FDR=0.11) No (FDR 0.71) Download
T-ALL vs B-ALL Yes (P<0.0001, FDR=0.013) Yes (P<0.0001, FDR=0.00097) Download