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  • Paul Taylor, MD, PhD
  • Elaine Tuomanen, MD, and Beth Mann in the lab
  • Test vials
  • Jian Zuo, PhD, and Bradley Walters, PhD
  • Lacie Harris
  • Test tubes
  • Yong Feng, PhD

About St. Jude Research

Information on all St. Jude departments and faculty are available on www.stjude.org. This site provides additional detail for selected departments and faculty that have chosen to develop more exhaustive web content. In addition, St. Jude scientists share their work with the world through publication of their studies in respected, peer-reviewed, scientific journals and, if appropriate, by sharing their original data on the Web. These data might be the results of gene expression studies, a time series of confocal images, a short video, genome wide association studies, whole genome sequencing data, etc. These data sets are often large and cannot be printed and are often relegated to the Supplemental section of the manuscript. Some of the data hosted here predates journal web sites and some of it is duplicated here as a convenience for the research community. This site does not contain all St. Jude publications or even all St. Jude supplemental data.

To find the data you may be seeking, simply select a Department or PI Laboratory. If the required Department or PI laboratory is not listed, please refer to www.stjude.org. To find Supplemental Data, select an Author.